Trader Joe's Essentials

Hello loves! By popular demand on Instagram, today I’m sharing a short and sweet post about my favorites items that I always make sure to pick up from Trader Joe’s. My first time at a Trader Joe’s was this summer when I was living in New York City. The thing that surprised me the most about TJ is how affordable the products are! I was under the assumption that the prices would be similar to Whole Foods. Over the last few months I’ve tried a ton of things from TJ, so today I thought it would be fun to share my absolute favorites with y’all!


Pictured Above

Orange Chicken - an easy and delicious dinner!

Plantain Chips - my all-time favorite snack from TJ … I’ll buy 3 bags at a time

Cauliflower Gnocchi - a healthier pasta alternative … cook in oil NOT water

Quinoa Cowboy Veggie Burgers - I eat these with just a bit of mayo and no bun SO GOOD

Cauliflower Crust cheese Pizza - my newest favorite from TJ … taste just like thin crust pizza

Not Pictured Above

Guacamole Made with Greek Yogurt - great when paired with TJ quinoa tortilla chips

Dark Chocolate Powerberries - for when I allow myself to buy a dessert

Everything Bagels - the best at-home bagels I’ve ever tried

Let me know if you want me to incorporate more posts like this into my lifestyle page!

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