Packing Tips

Hello loves! Since I am leaving this Saturday for my spring break trip to Las Vegas, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my top packing tips with y’all.

The Gear: Luggage

I received my luggage set as a high school graduation gift, and have gotten so much use out of it over the last 4 years. This set is expensive, but the quality makes it totally worth it. If you’re looking for new luggage, I definitely recommend this line! Even if you’re not going to pick up these pieces but are still in the market for new luggage, I suggest purchasing hard shell luggage because it is less susceptible to damage and will maintain its shape. I also HIGHLY recommend purchasing luggage in a statement color. I love my red luggage because I can easily pick it out at the baggage claim.


The Gear: Packing Cubes

I purchased these before I left to study abroad two summers ago, and now I cannot travel anywhere without them! They keep everything organized and easy to find inside your bag. The zipper on the packing cubes helps to suck out any air, so everything is nice and compressed, which frees up space in your suitcase (which we all need more of, right?!). My favorite way to utilize these is for packing smaller items such as underwear, socks, and swimsuits. Below I’ve linked the exact style that I use, but if you just search for “packing cubes” on Amazon or The Container Store you will find so many more options! For reference, I photographed the small cube below and inside it has 4 swimsuits and a sarong.

IMG_9001 2.JPG

Tips: Plan your outfits ahead of time

I find that when I don’t plan every outfit of a trip ahead of time, I end up packing more than I need because I just throw a bunch of pieces into my suitcase and hope I can create a good outfit out of them. Before you leave town, go through your itinerary and plan an outfit for each event on your schedule. Sometimes I will even take photos of the outfits that I plan ahead of time so when I get to my destination I remember how I intended to style each piece in my suitcase.

Tips: How to pack hats

I’m such a hat girl, and I always end up bringing at least one with me when I travel. I’ve found that the best way to pack hats for me is to sit the hat flat in my suitcase then arrange my shoes and toiletries strategically over the brim, then I’ll lay something soft over the top of the hat. I’ve found that this method doesn’t take up a ton of additional room and doesn’t cause the hat’s shape to deform in transit.


Tip: Limit your amount of basics

Save room in your suitcase for your fun statement pieces! Items such as jeans, leggings, and jackets can be worn more than once without being washed. To limit the amount I’m packing I will bring one pair of jeans and 3 different tops to create 3 different looks with just 4 items. Packing versatile pieces and basic will limit the amount your bringing, yet maximize the amount of looks you can create on your vacation.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Let me know what your favorite packing tip is!

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