Is Zaful Legit? Bikini Haul + Review

Hello loves! At the beginning of the month I used the question feature on Instagram stories (if you’re not following me you should! @thechanchic) to ask y’all what is your favorite place to purchase swimsuits that doesn’t break the bank. SO many of you told me I needed to make a purchase from Zaful! I had heard of Zaful before, but had never made a purchase. For those of you who aren’t aware, Zaful is an e-commerce site with incredibly inexpensive, yet chic pieces (it’s comparable to Shein and Romwe). At first glance, it’s hard to tell if the site is too good to be true, or actually legitimate. I decided to purchase a couple bikinis form Zaful, and I thought it would be helpful to share the outcome with y’all, since so many people are skeptical about this site.

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Ordering + Shipping

I placed my order on the Zaful website on February 6th, I received an email saying that my order had been shipped on February 9th, and I received the shipment on February 21st (a total of 15 days between when I placed my order and when I received it). The only concerning thing that happened in terms of shipping was in the shipping email I was given a DHL tracking number, but when I initially went to type this number into the tracking website, it said that no package was associated with that number. It was not until 6 days after the shipping date that I was able to track my package progress on the DHL site. When I was finally able to see where my package was, it was in Chicago, so my assumption is that you cannot track your package until it makes it to the US. Another thing that should be noted is that when I placed my order, Zaful had a notice on their site saying orders placed at the beginning of February might experience delays due to Chinese New Year, so that was also a factor in the shipping time of my package.

The Product

Overall, I would consider both of my bikini purchases a success! They both look identical to the images on the site, they’re not too skimpy, and the quality of the fabric is nice. Before diving into the breakdown of both swimsuits, it should be noted that all bikinis on the site are sold as a set (i.e. you can’t purchase a small top and medium bottom … both pieces have to be the same size). The first bikini I selected is this super fun black and white star pattern with a simple silhouette. This style also comes in a yellow color with white stars. I went with a medium, which was the perfect size for me. The bottoms are cheeky without being too revealing. The top is not padded, but the fabric is thick enough that this isn’t an issue for me. The only negatives about the top are that the straps aren’t adjustable, and there isn’t a band or anything at the bottom seam, so I wouldn’t recommend this top for any sort of intense swimming or water sports. Thankfully I’ll just be sitting by the pool over spring break so this isn’t an issue for me. This bikini was $15.99, and you can shop it by clicking on the image below.


The second bikini that I selected was a strapless animal print one with a lace up detail in the back of the top. Like the first one, the bottoms are cheeky without revealing too much. I also got a medium in this one. The top fits a bit more tight, but that’s understandable since it’s a strapless style. I love the back detailing on this one, but I would definitely need somebody to help me tie it for it to look right. This bikini was $14.99.



As I mentioned above, the bikinis I purchased were $14.99 and $15.99 (total of $30.98). Zaful offers a 15% off coupon if it’s your first purchase from the site, so I took advantage of that. On top of the first purchases promotion, the site offers an additional 6% off for college students. This made my grand total with shipping and tax $28.74.


One tip that multiple people gave me via Instagram DMs is to look at the ratings, reviews, and photos customers posted for all the swimsuits I liked. Not only was reading the reviews helpful in terms of gaining insight about the quality of the swimsuits, but most people listed their height and weight and what size they ordered; this helped me deicide what sizes to purchase. Another tip I have is to carefully read the product descriptions. Certain bikinis were described as being “thong style” so I made sure to stay away from those because I don’t like my bottoms being overly cheeky.

While I was writing this post, I took another quick browse on the Zaful website (because why not?). Below I’ve rounded up what would be my next swimsuit purchases from the site if I were to buy more.

DISCLAIMER: I know that purchasing from these kinds of sites is NOT the most ethical or sustainable way to shop. It’s difficult to find out where and how the clothes are being manufactured, but it can be inferred from the low prices, that the most ethical labor practices are not being used. Just keep that in mind when making purchases!

I hope y’all found this post helpful. Let me know if there are other e-commerce sites that you would want me to write a review about. Happy shopping!

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