Animal Print: Styling Tips + Shopping Guide

Hello loves! If you couldn’t already tell from my Instagram, I have been adding more animal print pieces into my collection. I love how fun and easy it is to incorporate these prints into an outfit. Animal prints are perfect if you’re like me and like to make a statement, but also like to stick to a neutral color palette. In today’s post I’m sharing styling tips, some of my favorite animal print pieces that I own, and some other pieces on the market right now that I think are super chic. Let me know if you like the format of this post and I’ll be sure to do it again for other trends!

If you’re wanting to incorporate animal print into your wardrobe but are a little nervous about making a statement, I suggest starting with a smaller animal print. Smaller prints add interest to an outfit, without making a huge statement. Pairing a smaller print with solid color piece is the perfect starting point for incorporating animal prints into an outfit. The top I’m wearing below is one of my favorites and since the print is at a smaller scale, it’s the perfect introductory piece. And it’s only $25! I also found some other amazing smaller animal print pieces that you can shop below.

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A second tip for styling animal prints is to use the animal print to accentuate the part of your body that you want people to pay attention to. For example, if you love your legs, try out a leopard print skirt or pant. People’s eyes will be drawn to the animal print, so use this to your advantage and highlight what you love about yourself! I prefer highlighting my legs over my arms, so last weekend I styled these patterned wide legs pants with a solid colored sweater. When I want to draw more attention to my face, I love wearing my zebra print turtleneck because it brings the eye up.


For a small pop of animal print that still makes a huge statement, try styling animal print accessories! I absolutely love my leopard print shoes and belt; they instantly spice up a look. Treat your animal print accessories as neutrals and pair them with any solid colored outfit to spice things up!

I hope this post left you feeling inspired to incorporate animal print into your wardrobe! Let me know in the comments which animal print piece is your favorite.

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