NYC Apartment: Bathroom Reveal + Details

Hello loves! It’s been a MINUTE since I’ve posted on here. I’m finally getting settled into my NYC apartment, so it’s about time I start sharing all the details of my place with y’all. Once a finish a room or an area of my place, I’m going to write a blog post dedicated to that one room/area. When the apartment is completely done I think I might film a tour of the entire place to show y’all how the rooms connect/flow (let me know if this sounds like a good idea!).

My bathroom is the first space that I finished and I’m so happy with the way it turned out! It’s smaller than I’m used to, but I’m making it work. This is NYC so it could be a lot smaller! I have everything linked at the end of the post if you see something you like. I hope you’re excited for apartment content!


My bathroom the shelf space that I am used to coming from Texas. I’m so glad I was able to find pieces that are small enough to fit on my 6” shelf. The gold canisters are practical, yet are aesthetically pleasing. I keep cotton rounds in one, and q-tips in the other. I have greenery in my living room and bedroom and I wanted to continue this theme in the bathroom, so I picked up this adorable plant that came in this white planter.


This shower curtain was the first piece of decor that I bought for the apartment. This one is only $20 and my favorite detail is the gold shimmering discs. My apartment has boho accents, and this shower curtain perfectly integrates that vibe into my bathroom.


To keep my makeup organized, I picked up this acrylic makeup organizer. I narrowed down my collection when moving to NYC, so this fits all my essentials (plus has room for more!). It’s a nice way to keep all my makeup together and accessible, and it was only $20.


I hope y’all enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for apartment updates on my Instagram stories and more blog posts as I finish each room.

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