NYC Apartment Shopping Recap

Hello loves! Due to graduating college, job hunting, and finding an apartment in NYC, I’ve been MIA from the blog. But the good news is, I officially accepted a job offer and signed an apartment lease in New York City! I will be a digital merchandising assistant at Macy’s and I will be moving/starting my job at the end of the month. I was in New York for 3 days with my parents shopping for apartments and finalizing my job, so today I’m breaking down what all I did, and what I wore while doing so. Feel free to shoot me an Instagram DM if you have any questions about any aspects of my move to NYC. As always, you can shop the pieces I’m wearing by clicking on the product photo or the pink links.



Long story short, our original plane out of Dallas was canceled and we had to reschedule our flight, resulting in us not arriving to the city until 2:30 am Sunday night; consequently, Monday was our first real day in the city. Our first appointment with a broker to look at an apartment was at 9am, and until lunchtime we had appointments with various brokers on the hour. After lunchtime, I changed into my new pale pink blazer (serious Elle Woods vibes) for a meeting at Macy’s to finalize some of the details regarding my job offer.


blazer | cami | handbag | barette | jeans (similar) | sandals

P.S. I didn’t wear this outfit to look at apartments but we were so busy that I didn't take a photo in that outfit (I wasn’t that cute anyways … I was running on 4 hours of sleep). The afternoon consisted of looking at more apartments; we saw a total of 10 units this day. The last unit we saw was a studio near Union Square Park, and the broker really did save the best for last! We ended the day with tacos and margaritas at Dos Caminos and went to bed early to gear up for Tuesday (we also walked over 10 miles this day so rest was NEEDED).


We started off Tuesday with a breakfast at Friedman’s and deciding what units we wanted to look at. If you are going to look for an apartment in NYC, you should know that everything is super last minute and happens very quickly, so many apartment showings are not scheduled until the day before or day of. Since there was a true favorite from the first day, we scheduled an appointment to go back to see it a second time and take more photos before deciding if I wanted to put in an application or not. Long story short, there were some logistical things in relation to the real estate company and landlord that made this apartment not the one for me. This leads us to the apartment I did choose…


cami | jeans | belt | sneakers

We went on saw one final unit at 5pm on Tuesday and knew it was going to be the one. It’s a true one bedroom, is only 3 blocks from the subway, and there were no logistical issues on the back end. After seeing the unit, my parents and I went back to the hotel and filled out the application. That night we went to our hotel’s rooftop bar (pictured above … we stayed at the Cambria in Chelsea) and ate dinner at L’Amico. We didn’t find out until we were in the Uber on our way to the airport that the application was approved and I got the apartment.


I can’t wait to move into the apartment and make it feel like home! Moving across the country is not easy, but I know it’s the perfect place to start my career in the fashion industry and begin a new chapter. There will be much more NYC and apartment related content coming this summer, but let me know if you have any suggestions!

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