Hello loves! I am currently sitting at the LaGuardia airport because my flight to Orlando is 2.5 hours delayed. Once I got the text from Delta saying the flight was delayed I found a table with a charger at the nearest restaurant, ordered a glass of wine, and decided to utilize this time to write a blog post. I have gotten some questions over on my Instagram about moving to New York, my new job, etc., so I thought I would take this time to compile my most frequently asked questions into one blog post. Let’s hop into the questions!


What area of the city are you living in?

I live in the east village! The area has everything I need within a couple blocks (grocery store, bank, drugstore, etc.). I am also close to multiple subway stops so I can get around the city easily and quickly.

What’s your job/what’re you doing in NYC?

I am working as a digital merchandising assistant in the ready to wear department at Macy’s. In short, I prep samples to be photographed for the Macy’s website and help with inserting information on the webpages of each piece.


What advice do you have for someone wanting to move to NYC?

If you’re wanting to move to NYC right after graduation, I think having an internship in the city before making the move is a huge advantage. I did a 10 week internship at Theory in NYC the summer before my senior year and I gained insight into how the NYC fashion industry operates. Having an internship based in the city on your resume shows potential employers that you are serious about living and working in NYC. if you’re not able to do an internship, networking is key. Reach out to anyone you know working in the city in the field you want to work in … you never know if there’s an available position!

How did you find your apartment in NYC?

My mom actually found my the apartment I’m living in on Street Easy while we were in NYC shopping for apartments (Street Easy will be your best friend!). What my parents and I learned while trying to find a place is that everything in NYC is last minute; you can’t plan out what places you want to see until you’re physically there. My apartment went on the market on a Monday night, we went and toured it Tuesday afternoon, and started filling out the application Tuesday night. It’s an incredibly fast turn around so don’t stress if everything doesn’t fall into place until the last minute.

Are you living alone?

Yes it’s just me! I didn’t have any close friends moving up to the city, so I decided to live alone.

Let me know if you have any more questions about NYC, working in fashion, living alone, or post grad life in general. I am more than happy to answer them.

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