Instagram Round Up No. 3 + How to Style a Bandana

Hello loves! I hope y’all have been having a great day. Today I decided to do another Instagram round up post, but to spice it up, I thought I would including styling tips pertaining to one accessory that I’m wearing in each photo. I love bandanas/silk scarves; they have been my go-to accessory for the last year and a half. I get a lot of questions/comments about where I buy them, how to style them, etc., so today I thought I would feature them in my Instagram round up. Let me know if you prefer general Instagram round ups, or ones focused on a particular piece.


Wearing a bandana around your neck is the easiest and most classic way to style a bandana. In the photo below I simply tied the scarf in a square knot. For wearing a scarf in this style, I prefer a classic square bandana or the square scarves from Madewell; they’re not too short or too long. This is the outfit I wore a couple weeks ago when I went to the 9/11 museum and Oculus Station.


      dress  | scarf  


      Another way I love wearing bandanas is in my hair. Some of my favorite ways include wrapped around a bun, around a ponytail, or in the back of my head with half my hair down. When I wrap it around a bun, I like tucking in the ends so it almost gives a scrunchie effect. I went with that style in the photo below when I went out to eat at Dos caminos (some of the best Mexican food in NYC!) with my roommates. 



       dress | sunglasses | earrings 

      (this exact bandana is last season and not available anymore) 

      When I wrap a scarf around a ponytail (either with all my hair or just a half pony) I use a square knot like I did in the neck style. Depending on how long or short I want the “tails” of the bandana, I’ll wrap it around either once or twice. I frequently use this styling method when I want to spice up my hair on a bad hair day. 


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      With larger scarves, I like to wrap them twice around my neck, then tie a square knot in the front as opposed to off to the side. I did this yesterday for work and y’all seemed to love it on Instagram


      Unfortunately I purchased this scarf at a flea market in Paris so it’s not available for purchase!

      sunglasses | bag | earrings  


      I hope y’all enjoyed this Instagram round up! Let me know what you want to see on the blog next!


      Slap on some lipstick and smile


      Channing Baker