My Top 5 Sandals for Spring

Hello loves! It’s officially the time of year where it’s completely acceptable to wear sandals every day (yay!). Even though we haven’t even made it to summer yet, I’ve already accumulated a few new pairs of super chic sandals … brands are absolutely KILLING it with their designs! I thought it would be fun to show y’all my top 5 favorite sandals at the moment, plus a couple of my favorite ways to style them. Let me know what your favorite pair below is!

Every pair below is available for purchase, except the leopard pair … BUT don’t fear I found a pair that looks almost identical to them. Also, every pair except the black wedges are under $100. As always, everything in this post is completely shoppable, so scroll through the images below for pricing information on each pair. Enjoy!

IMG_0930 2.JPG

Slap on some lipstick and smile


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