My 3 Go-To Denim Brands

Hello loves! As you can probably tell by my photos on Instagram, I absolutely love wearing denim! I know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect fitting pair of jeans, so today I thought I would share 3 denim brands that I know will always fit my body type perfectly.  

To give you an idea of my body type, I have a smaller waist with larger hips, so finding jeans that can go over my bum while still fitting nicely around the waist can be a challenge. I have found 3 great brands that make jeans that fit me like a glove! Denim is such a personal piece of clothing, so what works for me might not also work for you (I mention what brand I absolutely cannot wear at the end of this post). Either way, I hope this is helpful!

Urban Outfitters 


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The BDG brand jeans from Urban Outfitters have been my go-to since high school! They have the perfect amount of stretch and hug me in all the right places. My favorite style is the high rise twig  (they're not high waisted, just a little higher than a mid-rise), but I've also owned other styles from this brand (like the ones pictured above) and they fit just as nicely. This pair is also UO's "high rise" and as you can see it's still below my belly button. I wear a size 26 for reference.

Free People


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I discovered how great Free People's jeans fit me last summer, and I now own 3 pairs. The jeans I own from them are more of a low/mid rise as opposed to my aforementioned jeans from UO. I really love how stretchy Free People's jeans are. Not only does the stretchy factor make them super comfortable, but it makes it easier for them to go over my hips, yet still be fitting around my waist. I wear a size 26 for reference.

7 For All Mankind


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I was skeptical of purchasing these jeans because I didn't know if they would be worth the high price tag, but let me tell ya, THEY'RE WORTH IT! The fit is incredible and they're stretchy without feeling cheap. I've worn and washed these so many times and they still look brand new. If you're looking to investing in a nice pair of jeans that will last you forever, I definitely recommend this brand. I wear a size 25 for reference. 

One brand that I have learned that I absolutely cannot wear is Topshop. Their jeans do not have enough stretch and no matter what size I try they just will not go over my hips! It's unfortunate because they have some really cute styles, but I'm thankful that I've learned my lesson and know what brands consistently work for me!

I hope you fond this post helpsul. Let me know what you want to see next!


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