My Go To Relaxation Routine After a Long Week

This post has been sponsored by Jergens Skincare. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hello loves! If you’ve been following my blog and Instagram for a while now, you would know I am a huge fan of a nice and relaxing nighttime routine. Now that I work a traditional 9-5 job in one of the busiest cities in the world, having a solid relaxation routine is absolutely essential. In today’s post I wanted to walk y’all through what a typical weekend nighttime routine looks like for me after a long work week.


When my goal is to relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep, I love using products that contain lavender. Lately I’ve been incorporating the Jergens Body Butter with Calming Lavender Essential Oil into my routine. Lavender has calming properties, which is why it’s my favorite for a relaxing nighttime routine. Lavender can also promote a good night’s sleep - another reason why it’s perfect to use before bedtime. The Jergens Lavender Body Butter is conveniently available on Amazon if you want to incorporate it into your routine. Keep reading to see why I love this body butter so much.


The first step in my nighttime routine is to take a bubble bath. I absolutely love taking bubble baths and getting my bubbles from a lavender bubble bath helps me to destress and relax. Also, if you don’t have a bathtub shelf, you NEED to purchase one. You can easily have a drink, be on your phone, and read a book, all while in the bath and without getting anything wet. 

After my bath comes moisturizing. This is when I use the Jergens lavender body butter. Moisturizing is key after taking a bath because the water dries out your skin. Besides the fact that it is formulated with lavender, I love that the Jergens Body Butter contains shea, cocoa, and mango butters. This body butter leaves my skin feeling amazing and the lingering lavender scent helps me to continue to relax and prepare for bed. 


Once my body is prepared, I move onto my skincare routine. On top of my normal nighttime skincare routine, I love doing a face mask to give my skin some extra love . Lately my go-to has been a foaming mask, but I never say no to a good sheet mask. 

I hope you enjoyed this post of my relaxing nighttime routine! Be sure to check out the Jergens Lavender Body Butter on Amazon, and let me know if you purchase it and try it out!


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