Ice Rolling 101

Hello loves! If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me post about ice rolling on my stories. Some of y’all have sent me DMs asking about my ice roller and what the benefits of ice rolling are, so I thought I would just answer everything in a blog post! (Picture below depicts how I feel after ice rolling!)


I first heard about ice rolling from Payton Sartain on Instagram, and she has a whole blog post about it that you can check out HERE. Over the past couple months I’ve seen more and more people post about different facial rolling techniques, so I finally decided to invest in one (and by invest I mean spend $11 on Amazon).

The benefits of ice rolling include de-puffing the skin, increasing circulation, reducing swelling, and brightening under eye circles. Like most skincare products and procedures, results will not be evident after just one use, but after consistent use over time you will see improvement. My favorite time of day to use my ice roller is right when I wake up, because that is usually when I am the most puffy.

If you watch my Instagram stories, then you would know that my original ice roller broke (don’t worry I immediately purchased a second one). The original one I had came with a stainless steel head, along with a plastic head, but I preferred the steel one. So when I went to purchase a second ice roller, I found that the exact same style is sold with only the steel head, so I saved a couple bucks buying the second one. Once it comes in the mail, all you have to do is stick it in your freezer, wait a few hours, then you’re ready to roll!

I hope this post answered your questions about ice rolling! Let me know if you decide to purchase one.

Slap on some lipstick and smile


Channing Baker